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This scope gathers the assertions which apply in the context of the Device Enterprise Communication (DEC) profile

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DEC-Vol1DEC-Vol1-001Each actor implementing this Patient Care Device (PCD) profile shall be grouped with the IT Infrastructure Consistent Time profile Time Client Actor for the purpose of consistent time-stamping of messages and data
DEC-Vol2DEC-Vol2-001The Communicate PCD Data [PCD-01] transaction references the following chapters from the HL7 Version 2.6 standard: Chapter 7 Observation Reporting
DEC-Vol2DEC-Vol2-002The Communicate PCD Data [PCD-01] transaction references the IEEE 11073-10201 Domain Information Model standard
DEC-Vol2DEC-Vol2-003The Communicate PCD Data [PCD-01] transaction references the IEEE 11073-10101a Nomenclature standard
DEC-Vol2DEC-Vol2-004The static definition for the PCD-01 Communicate PCD Data message is defined in the unnamed table in this section of the doument
DEC-Vol2DEC-Vol2-005The PCD-01 message structure differs from the basic HL7 version 2.6 by allowing for the appearance of PRT segments, a segment new in HL7 version 2.7, in certain locations.
DEC-Vol2DEC-Vol2-006The period for periodic reporting shall be several times a minute for high acuity reports and maximum interval of once every 24 hours, with a typical interval of 1 minute.
DEC-Vol2DEC-Vol2-007Upon receipt of a PCD-01 message the DOC actor validates the message and shall respond with an acccept acknowledgement message as defined in Appendix G.11 Acknowledgement Modes.
DEC-Vol2DEC-Vol2-008For PCD-01 messages MSH-9 Message Type shall contain ORU^R01^ORU_R01.
DEC-Vol2DEC-Vol2-009Device to Enterprise Communications PCD-01 Communicate PCD Data message (also used for observations in response to a PCD-02 PCD Data Query) shall contain in MSH-21 Message Profile Identifier the value
DEC-Vol2DEC-Vol2-010For PCD-01 messages the ORC segment use is X, i.e. not sent.
DEC-Vol2DEC-Vol2-011Pulse Oximetry Integration (POI) device observations shall include an observation of oxygen saturation of blood gas as a percentage numeric data type. Given the variety of available device designs (dedicated function SPO2 monitor or modular component to a physiologic monitor), the variety of sensor capabilities, and that the observation identification can include the sense point body part, i.e. left/right arm, etc. there is no single observation definition for all devices and all use cases. Any communicated SPO2 observation shall appear in RTMMS. A non-exclusive example is 150456^MDC_PULS_OXIM_SAT_O2^MDC.