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RAD69RAD69-001reviewedTestable 2 2 extracts the XDSDocumentEntry.uniqueId and a repositoryUniqueId associated with the Imaging Document Source from the manifest (KOS) object retrieved previously via the Retrieve Document Set transaction187Section 5:33:50 PM by aeschlimann
RAD69RAD69-002reviewedTestable 1 3 The Request shall contain:+ repositoryUniqueId that identifies the Imaging Document Source from which the DICOM instance is to be retrieved.+ one or more documentUniqueIds that identify the documents within the Imaging Document Source.+ one or more DICOM transfer syntax UIDs that the Imaging Document Consumer is capable of processing. + Study Instance UID value that identifies the study containing the DICOM images/ objects to be retrieved. + Series Instance UID value that identifies the series containing the DICOM images/ objects to be retrieved. homeCommunityID, if the Retrieve Imaging Document Set request is to an Initiating Imaging Gateway.187Section 5:33:54 PM by aeschlimann
XCAIXCAI-001reviewedTestable 1 1 Covered by XDS-IImaging Document Consumer must support Retrieve Imaging Document Set [RAD-69] transaction.250Section 29.18/26/19 2:46:36 PM by aeschlimann
XCAIXCAI-019reviewedTestable 0 1 Covered in XDSDisplays list of images and reports to user253Section 29.3.25/2/19 3:36:21 PM by wbars
XCAIXCAI-023reviewedTestable 1 1 Must initiate a RAD-69 directly to any IDSs in the IC.253Section 29.3.28/26/19 3:21:12 PM by aeschlimann
XCAIXCAI-025reviewedTestable 0 1 We don't have anything covering this.Shall have the ability to verify the SHA 1 hash of the image document with the hash in the Document metadata.257Section 29.4.25/2/19 3:43:09 PM by wbars