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ITI8ITI8-002to be reviewedTestable 0 1 Changes to patient demographics (e.g., change in patient name, patient address, etc.) shall trigger the following Admit/Register or Update message: A08 Update Patient Information 38Section 4:38:44 PM by aberge
ITI8ITI8-003validatedTestable 0 1 Each message shall be acknowledged by the HL7 ACK message (see ITI TF-2x C.2.3) sent by the receiver of ADT message to its sender39Section 4:53:07 PM by aberge
ITI8ITI8-1to deleteTestable 0 1 The following events from a Patient Identity Source Actor will trigger one of the Admit/Register or Update messages: A01 Admission of an in-patient into a facility A04 Registration of an outpatient for a visit of the facility A05 Pre-admission of an in-patient (i.e., registration of patient information ahead of actual admission) 38Section 12:24:11 PM by aberge
ITI8ITI8-4to be reviewedTestable 0 1 The Document Registry shall be capable of accepting attributes in the PID segment as specified in Table 3.8-2. 42Section 3:58:47 PM by aberge
ITI8ITI8-5to be reviewedTestable 0 1 The Document Registry shall store only the patient identifiers of the patient identification domain designated by the XDS Affinity Domain for document sharing in the registry42Section 3:58:48 PM by aberge
ITI8ITI8-6to be reviewedTestable 0 1 Patient identifiers of other patient identification domains (assigning authorities), if present in a received message by the Document Registry, shall be ignored.42Section 3:58:48 PM by aberge