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CH-PDQCH-PDQ-015reviewedTestable 0 1 The different return cases should be handled equivalent to the XCPD cases in IHE ITI TF-2b, chapter Expected Actions (see Section Special handling for more attributes requested)37Section 2:50:09 PM by vhofman
ITI47ITI47-32validatedTestable 0 0 If the Patient Demographics Supplier does not support the Continuation Option and the number of matching records to the original query exceeds the number specified, then, in addition to returning up to that number of records, the Supplier shall return AE (application error) in the Acknowledgement.typeCode (transmission wrapper) and AE (application error) in QueryAck.queryResponseCode (control act wrapper).267Section 4:03:51 PM by wbars
PDQv3PDQV3-7validatedTestable 0 2 As described in ITI TF-2x: Appendix M, while it is possible for the supplier to have demographics information from multiple domains, only a single set of demographics shall be returned by the supplier. 238Section 24.3.25/2/19 11:41:37 AM by wbars
PDQv3PDQV3-9validatedTestable 0 2 In the case where the supplier holds demographics information from multiple Patient ID domains, the determination of which set of information to return must be based on the ID values for the Receivers Device and Organization classes of the query transmission wrapper 238Section 24.3.25/2/19 11:41:41 AM by wbars