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ITI21ITI21-26reviewedTestable 4 1 The Patient Demographics Consumer shall be able to support at least one of the following mechanisms for specifying QPD-8: 1. Transmit an empty value and receive all identifiers in all domains known by the Patient Demographics Supplier (one or more domains), or 2. Transmit a single value and receive zero or more identifiers in a single domain, or 3. Transmit multiple values and receive multiple identifiers in those multiple domains.163Section 12:27:23 PM by aboufahj
ITI21ITI21-28reviewedTestable 1 1 The Patient Demographics Supplier Actor shall support the HL7 Continuation Protocol.165Section 12:27:23 PM by aboufahj
ITI21ITI21-41reviewedTestable 1 1 Canceling a query is conducted by the QCN^J01^QCN_J01 message. The Patient Demographic Consumer can generate this message to notify the Patient Demographic Supplier that no more data is desired. 172Section 12:27:23 PM by aboufahj
ITI21ITI21-42reviewedTestable 1 1 The segments of the QCN^J01^QCN_J01 message listed in table 3.21-10 are required, and their details descriptions are provided in the subsections of section 12:27:23 PM by aboufahj
ITI21ITI21-44reviewedTestable 1 1 The receiver shall acknowledge this cancel by the HL7 ACK message. See ITI TF-2x: C.2.3, Acknowledgement Modes, for definition and discussion of the ACK message.172Section 8:59:02 AM by ceoche