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ITI39ITI39-001reviewedTestable 2 2 The ‘homeCommunityId’ parameter is required134Section 3.39.19/17/19 11:57:43 AM by aeschlimann
ITI39ITI39-003reviewedTestable 2 2 The Cross Gateway Retrieve uses the same syntax and standards as the Retrieve Document Set transaction specified in XDS135Section 11:57:46 AM by aeschlimann
ITI39ITI39-004reviewedTestable 2 2 The message semantics for Cross Gateway Retrieve are the same as Retrieve Document Set138Section 11:57:50 AM by aeschlimann
ITI39ITI39-005reviewedTestable 1 1 The Initiating Gateway shall specify the homeCommunityId parameter within the Retrieve Document Set138Section 11:56:54 AM by aeschlimann
ITI39ITI39-009reviewedTestable 1 1 The Responding Gateway shall determine the local system or systems which hold the documents requested and interact with those systems.136Section 11:57:56 AM by aeschlimann
ITI39ITI39-012reviewedTestable 2 1 Every RegistryError element returned in the response shall have the location attribute set to the homeCommunityId of the Responding Gateway.136Section 11:58:49 AM by aeschlimann
ITI39ITI39-015reviewedTestable 2 4 Both the Initiating Gateway and Responding Gateway shall audit the Cross Gateway Retrieve140Section 3.39.69/17/19 11:58:30 AM by aeschlimann
ITI39ITI39-016reviewedTestable 2 2 The audit entries shall be equivalent to the entries required for the Retrieve Document Set140Section 3.39.69/17/19 11:58:38 AM by aeschlimann
ITI39ITI39-017reviewedTestable 1 2 The Initiating Gateway shall audit as if it were a Document Repository141Section 3.39.69/17/19 11:57:28 AM by aeschlimann
ITI39ITI39-018reviewedTestable 1 2 The Responding Gateway Shall audit the Cross Gateway Retrieve as if it were a Document Repository except that for EventTypeCode the Responding Gateway shall specify EV(“ITI-39”, “IHE Transactions”, “Cross Gateway Retrieve”)141Section 3.39.69/17/19 11:58:40 AM by aeschlimann
ITI39ITI39-019reviewedTestable 1 0 The Responding Gateway if interacting with a local Document Repository, shall audit as if it were a Document Consumer. One audit record shall be created for each Document Repository contacted.141Section 3.39.69/17/19 11:58:43 AM by aeschlimann