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IHEXDSMU - deprecatedIHEXDSMU-001reviewedTestable 0 0 DocumentEntry.documentAvailability shall have a single value0 9/17/19 11:07:26 AM by aeschlimann
IHEXDSMU - deprecatedIHEXDSMU-002reviewedTestable 0 0 DocumentEntry.documentAvailability takes one of two values: urn:ihe:iti:2010:DocumentAvailability:Online or urn:ihe:iti:2010:DocumentAvailability:Offline. If the attribute is not present in metadata its value defaults to Online0 9/17/19 11:07:26 AM by aeschlimann
IHEXDSMU - deprecatedIHEXDSMU-003reviewedTestable 0 0 DocumentEntry.logicalID shall be a UUID0 9/17/19 11:07:26 AM by aeschlimann
IHEXDSMU - deprecatedIHEXDSMU-004reviewedTestable 0 0 DocumentEntry.logicalID hall never be submitted in symbolic form0 9/17/19 11:07:26 AM by aeschlimann
IHEXDSMU - deprecatedIHEXDSMU-005reviewedTestable 0 0 The value of the logicalID is coded in the lid XML attribute on the ExtrinsicObject representing the DocumentEntry0 9/17/19 11:07:26 AM by aeschlimann
IHEXDSMU - deprecatedIHEXDSMU-006reviewedTestable 0 0 Folder.logicalID value shall be an UUID0 9/17/19 11:07:26 AM by aeschlimann
IHEXDSMU - deprecatedIHEXDSMU-007reviewedTestable 0 0 Folder.logicalID value is coded in the lid XML attribute on the RegistryPackage representing the Folder0 9/17/19 11:07:26 AM by aeschlimann
IHEXDSMU - deprecatedIHEXDSMU-008reviewedTestable 0 0 The following form, with entryUUID (id) different from logicalID (lid), shall only be submitted in the Update Document Set transaction0 9/17/19 11:07:26 AM by aeschlimann
IHEXDSMU - deprecatedIHEXDSMU-009reviewedTestable 0 0 RegistryError/@errorCode in ITI-41 response shall be from : DocumentQueued, InvalidDocumentContent, PartialAppendContentNotProcessed, PartialFolderContentNotProcessed, PartialReplaceContentNotProcessed, PartialTransformNotProcessed, PartialTransformReplaceNotProcessed, XDSDuplicateUniqueIdInRegistry, XDSExtraMetadataNotSaved, XDSMissingDocument, XDSMissingDocumentMetadata, XDSPatientIdDoesNotMatch, XDSRegistryBusy, XDSRepositoryBusy, XDSRegistryDeprecatedDocumentError, XDSRegistryDuplicateUniqueIdInMessage, XDSRepositoryDuplicateUniqueIdInMessage, XDSRegistryError, XDSRepositoryError, XDSRegistryMetadataError, XDSRepositoryMetadataError, XDSRegistryNotAvailable, XDSRegistryOutOfResources, XDSRepositoryOutOfResources, XDSUnknownPatientId, XDSMetadataUpdateError, XDSPatientIDReconciliationError, XDSMetadataUpdateOperationError, XDSMetadataVersionError0 9/17/19 11:07:26 AM by aeschlimann