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eCH0213eCH0213-001to be reviewedNot testable 0 3 SPID creation is not possible without NAVS.9Section 2.3.23/28/19 2:12:07 PM by psantos
eCH0213eCH0213-002to be reviewedNot testable 0 3 NAVS cancellation causes automatically SPID cancellation. 9Section 2.3.23/28/19 2:12:07 PM by psantos
eCH0213eCH0213-003to be reviewedNot testable 0 3 SPID status is not strictly connected to NAVS status. 9Section 2.3.23/28/19 2:12:07 PM by psantos
eCH0213eCH0213-004to be reviewedTestable 1 3 When creating a SPID, the person's demographic attributes must be provided, in order to submit them to a plausibility check with the NAVS.12Section 2.4.19/5/19 4:39:11 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0213eCH0213-005reviewedNot testable 0 3 According to the agreement of the data announced with those in the UPI, the UPI generates one of the three possible answers, which are listed in the table.12Section 2.4.19/5/19 4:43:56 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0213eCH0213-006to be reviewedTestable 1 3 When a person in the UPI has two (or more) active SPID, an UPI client can then determine, from an announcement, which SPID should be inactivated.12Section 2.4.29/5/19 4:43:22 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0213eCH0213-007to be reviewedTestable 1 3 A UPI client can announce that an affected SPID should be canceled.12Section 2.4.39/5/19 4:43:30 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0213eCH0213-008reviewedNot testable 0 3 In an asynchronous announcement, if the first announcement has not been processed, the process is as usual.12Section 2.4.49/5/19 4:44:53 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0213eCH0213-009reviewedNot testable 0 3 In an asynchronous announcement, if the first announcement has already been processed, an error message containing a copy of the original response is returned.12Section 2.4.49/5/19 4:44:36 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0213eCH0213-010to be reviewedTestable 1 2 Demographic attributes in accordance with eCH eCH-0011 (Data Privacy Standard), eCH-0021 (Data Standard Supplementary Personal Data) and eCH-0044 (Data Standard Person Identification Exchange) shall be delivered.13Section 39/5/19 4:45:27 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0213eCH0213-011to be reviewedTestable 1 2 The valid dataset for first and last name is the one that is defined in the official catalog of characteristics.13Section 39/5/19 4:45:36 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0213eCH0213-012to be reviewedTestable 3 3 The list of possible values of the actionOnSPIDType element is: "generate", "inactivate", and "cancel".19Section 4.1.19/5/19 4:46:58 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0213eCH0213-013to be reviewedTestable 3 3 Only active NAVS or SPIDs should be sent in an announcement. Inactive NAVS and inactive SPIDs are tolerated.21Section 4.211/22/23 12:01:03 PM by vhofman
eCH0213eCH0213-014to be reviewedTestable 3 3 The root element of a request is called request, it has a mandatory numeric attribute minorVersion, it contains the Minor Version of the XSD schema.21Section 4.29/5/19 4:48:05 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0213eCH0213-015to be reviewedTestable 3 3 The header element of the request is of type eCH-0058: headerType.21Section 4.29/5/19 4:48:07 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0213eCH0213-016to be reviewedTestable 3 3 The element "content" of the request contains the following element: SPIDCategory, responseLanguage, actionOnSPID, additionalInputParameterKey and additionalInputParameterValue, pidsToUPI and personToUPI.21Section 4.29/5/19 4:48:09 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0213eCH0213-017to be reviewedTestable 3 3 Depending on the process that is ordered, the presence of the elements vn, SPID and personToUPI must be guaranteed according to the indications in the table22Section 4.29/5/19 4:48:11 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0213eCH0213-018to be reviewedTestable 1 3 In the case of the request for an inactivation of a SPID, the calling system must send two active SPIDs. The first one that appears in the request is the one that remains active, the second one that must be disabled.22Section 4.29/5/19 4:48:37 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0213eCH0213-019reviewedNot testable 0 3 In the case where the request is correct on the bottom as on the form and that it could thus be treated, a positive response (positiveResponse) is generated.23Section 4.39/5/19 4:50:01 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0213eCH0213-020reviewedNot testable 0 3 A positive response must contain only active NAVS and SPID.23Section 4.39/5/19 4:49:53 PM by aeschlimann