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IHEHL7V3IHEHL7V3-001validatedTestable 0 0 ControlActProcess SHALL have one [1..1] queryByParamerter160Section 2/5/16 12:27:23 PM by aboufahj
IHEHL7V3IHEHL7V3-002validatedTestable 1 0 When the Patient role is scoped by a Provider organization, only patient IDs assigned by the provider organization are allowed in the Patient class, the root element of the patient IDs shall match the root element of the provider organization ID. 36Section E.26/27/22 3:54:39 PM by vhofman
IHEHL7V3IHEHL7V3-003validatedTestable 1 0 IHE requires that the Patient Identifier Cross-reference Manager populates element assigningAuthorityName of any id attribute representing a patient identifier37Table E.2.1-16/27/22 3:54:39 PM by mtoudic
IHEHL7V3IHEHL7V3-004validatedTestable 1 0 All IHE Actors are required to send the extension attribute for any id element representing a patient identifier39Table E.2.2-19/13/17 1:08:59 PM by aboufahj
IHEHL7V3IHEHL7V3-005validatedTestable 0 0 The provider organization ID shall have no extension element37Section E.22/5/16 12:27:23 PM by aboufahj
IHEHL7V3IHEHL7V3-006validatedTestable 1 0 The context conduction Indicator value in the MFMI_MT700701UV01 control act wrapper SHALL be false76Table O.2.1-19/13/17 1:08:59 PM by aboufahj
IHEHL7V3IHEHL7V3-007validatedTestable 1 0 contextConductionInd attribute of Subject1 is mandatory [1..1]76Table O.2.1-19/13/17 1:08:59 PM by aboufahj
IHEHL7V3IHEHL7V3-008validatedTestable 1 0 If RegistrationEvent.effectiveTime is valued, the author.time SHALL be valued with the same time expression76Table O.2.1-19/13/17 1:08:59 PM by aboufahj
IHEHL7V3IHEHL7V3-009validatedTestable 1 0 If author.time is values, the RegistrationEvent.effectiveTime SHALL be valued with the same time expression76Table O.2.1-19/13/17 1:08:59 PM by aboufahj