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eCH0214eCH0214-001to be reviewedTestable 3 3 A request is for a list of people, this list can also be confined to one person.6Section 2.19/5/19 4:53:29 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0214eCH0214-002to be reviewedTestable 3 2 A subquery is an element of the list in the request. Each subquery must have an unambiguous identifier in the list.6Section 2.19/5/19 4:53:56 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0214eCH0214-005to be reviewedTestable 3 3 The request structure allows only one type of request by announcement. All subqueries in a given list must therefore be of the same type.6Section 2.19/5/19 5:35:06 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0214eCH0214-006to be reviewedTestable 3 3 Each subquery contains exactly one person.6Section 2.19/5/19 5:34:57 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0214eCH0214-009to be reviewedTestable 3 3 The root element of a request is called request, it has a mandatory numeric attribute minorVersion, it contains the Minor Version of the XSD schema.12Section 3.39/5/19 5:35:21 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0214eCH0214-010to be reviewedTestable 3 3 The header element of a request is of type eCH-0058: headerType.12Section 3.39/5/19 5:35:40 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0214eCH0214-011to be reviewedTestable 3 3 The element "content" of the request contains the following elements: SPIDCategory, responseLanguage, getInfoPersonRequest, searchPersonRequest, compareDataRequest.12Section 3.39/5/19 5:35:42 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0214eCH0214-020to be reviewedTestable 3 3 English name of the search algorithm (or its abbreviation in English) should be used9Section 3.1.111/22/23 12:14:11 PM by vhofman
eCH0214eCH0214-021to be reviewedTestable 3 2 Standards algorithm of a given implementation should be requested using the value "default"9Section 3.1.111/22/23 12:14:53 PM by vhofman
eCH0214eCH0214-022to be reviewedTestable 3 3 Accepted values for element detailLevelOfResponseType are : standard, onlyId, onlyVn, onlySpid, onlyDemographics, spidDemographics or vnDemographics10Section 3.1.311/22/23 12:20:12 PM by vhofman
eCH0214eCH0214-023to be reviewedTestable 3 3 The noticeType element SHALL contain the following elements: code11Section 3.2.111/22/23 12:20:57 PM by vhofman
eCH0214eCH0214-024to be reviewedTestable 2 3 The getInfoPersonRequest element SHALL contain the following elements: getInfoPersonRequestId, detailLevelOfResponse and pid13Section 3.3.19/5/19 5:40:20 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0214eCH0214-025to be reviewedTestable 2 3 The sub element pid of getInfoPersonRequest SHALL contain either on vn (eCH-0044:vnType) or one SPID (eCH-0213-commons:SPIDType)13Section 3.3.19/5/19 5:40:22 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0214eCH0214-026to be reviewedTestable 1 3 The searchPersonRequest element SHALL contain the following elements: searchPersonRequestId and searchedPerson.13Section 3.3.29/5/19 5:39:46 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0214eCH0214-027to be reviewedTestable 3 3 The compareDataRequest element SHALL contain the following elements: compareDataRequest and pids14Section 3.3.311/22/23 12:21:46 PM by vhofman
eCH0214eCH0214-028reviewedTestable 3 3 The sub element pids of compareDataRequest SHALL contain one vn (eCH-0044:vnType) AND one SPID (eCH-0213-commons:SPIDType) 14Section 3.3.311/22/23 12:24:36 PM by vhofman