The purpose of Gazelle Webservice Tester is to provide a user-friendly graphical interface for the execution of the test plans based on SoapUI projects. Such a tool provides the following benefits:

  • Users are not required to install SoapUI in their local environment to run the test
  • Only administrators of the tool are allowed to upload and update SoapUI projects so we know exactly what is executed by the SUT operator
  • Results are all stored in a consistent manner and can be retrieved easily

In addition, the tool is linked to Gazelle Test Management which allows the user to retrieve the systems’ parameters from a specific test instance (instead of manually entering all the endpoints).

Log in

In most case, you will have to be logged in to perform actions in Gazelle Webservice Tester. To do so, click on the CAS Login button (top right), and input your testing session credentials.

Execute a project

You shall be logged in to perform this operation.

Execute a test instance

Go to Run. Select the EPR project, check “Execute a test instance (eHealthSuisse)”, fill the test instance ID (Only the numbers) and then click on Get parameters.

The tool will retrieve the parameters needed to execute the test. You need to check if the endpoints are correct and modify them if necessary. Once everything is ok, click on Run.

The execution can take some times. Once finished, you will be redirected to the results.

Execute a test component

Go to Run. Select a SoapUI project, browse the tree and select the test component you want to execute. Set the values (if any) and click on Run.

The execution can take some times. Once finished, you will be redirected to the results.

Rerun an execution

You can rerun an execution by clicking on the Execute again button on the Execution result page or via the Execution list page by clicking on the Re-run execution logo at the far right of the table.

Administrator manual

Upload a SoapUI Project

Go To Project List then click on Add a SoapUI project. Select your project and change the label if necessary. You can select the properties that the users will need to set before executing a project by clicking on a test component and checking the properties :

screenshot upload page

Click on Validate to upload the project into the tool.