XDS XCA Simulator

XDS XCA Simulator simulates XDS and XCA and support transactions with swiss specifics constraints only : it does not cover transactions not specified by the swiss project.

The following actor and transaction are supported :

  • Document Registry : ITI-18 and ITI-42
  • Responding Gateway : ITI-38

This simulator act as a proxy : it validate the swiss constraints then forward the message to a XDS toolkit simulator. The simulators used are the following (in the epr-testing Test Session):

  • Document Registry : epr-testing__one_registry_to_rule_them_all
  • Responding Gateway : epr-testing__for_init_gw_testing

The patient known by the simulators are the one defined in XDS Toolkit.

Mock messages on GWT

Messages sent to the simulator can be found in Mock Messages feature of Gazelle Webservice Tester. This feature is documented at : https://ehealthsuisse.ihe-europe.net/gazelle-documentation/Gazelle-Webservice-Tester/user.html.

Messages exchanged with EPR-XDSXCA-Simulator can be found by filtering with the actors CH:DOCUMENT_REGISTRY (XDS) and RESPONDING_GATEWAY (XCA).