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CH-XCACH-XCA-001In Stored Queries (transaction ITI-38), the parameter $MetadataLevel, whenever provided, shall equal to 1 (one) (see Section 1.2.1 MetadataLevel).
CH-XCACH-XCA-002Whenever a receiving actor (e.g. a Document Registry) discovers that this requirement ($MetadataLevel) is violated in an incoming request, it shall reject this request and return an error with the code XDSRegistryError (see section1.3) (See Section 1.2.1 MetadataLevel)
ITI38ITI38-001Initiating Gateway shall specify the homeCommunityId attribute in all Cross-Community Queries which do not contain a patient identifier.
ITI38ITI38-002For stored queries that rely on concepts that a community may not support, namely associations, folders and submission sets, a Responding Gateway is allowed to respond with zero entries
ITI38ITI38-003The homeCommunityId attribute is required on the Cross Gateway Query
ITI38ITI38-004homeCommunityId is structured as an OID limited to 64 characters and specified in URI syntax
ITI38ITI38-005The Initiating Gateway shall specify the homeCommunityId parameter within all queries which do not include a patient identifier parameter.
ITI38ITI38-006Each Cross Gateway Query request can have at most one homeCommunityId value.
ITI38ITI38-007If multiple entryUUID or uniqueID values are specified they must all be associated with the same homeCommunityId value
ITI38ITI38-008If the patient identifier is unknown by the Responding Gateway’s community, the Responding Gateway shall return either a successful response with no elements or an error with errorCode XDSUnknownPatientId, depending on local policy.
ITI38ITI38-009FindDocuments Stored Query is required for Responding Gateway
ITI38ITI38-010GetDocuments Stored Query is required for Responding Gateway
ITI38ITI38-011The Responding Gateway Actor shall Return an XDSUnknownCommunity error code if the value of homeCommunityId is specified and is not known by the Responding Gateway
ITI38ITI38-012The Responding Gateway Actor shall verify the homeCommunityId is specified on relevant queries and return an XDSMissingHomeCommunityId error code if missing
ITI38ITI38-013The Responding Gateway Actor shall pass all parameters into the Registry Stored Query [ITI-18] transaction, when routing to a local XDS Document Registry
ITI38ITI38-014In the response generated by the Respnding Gateway, If returntype=”LeafClass”, the ExtrinsicObject and RegistryPackage elements shall contain the home attribute
ITI38ITI38-015In the response generated by the Respnding Gateway, If returnType=”ObjectRef”, the ObjectRef element shall contain the home attribute
ITI38ITI38-016The Responding Gateway SHALL ensure that every RegistryError element returned in the response shall have the location attribute set to the homeCommunityId of the Responding Gateway
ITI38ITI38-017The Initiating Gateway Actor shall On receiving the response from the Responding Gateway, verify the homeCommunityId is present where appropriate
ITI38ITI38-018On receiving the response from the Responding Gateway, If homeCommunityId is not present in any of the ExtrinsicObject, RegistryPackage or ObjectRef elements the Initiating Gateway shall reflect an XDSMissingHomeCommunityId to the initiator of the transaction – either the Document Consumer or the internal actor