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RAD55RAD55-001The Imaging Document Consumer wishes to retrieve a DICOM instance that is referenced within a DICOM Manifest, which triggers a WADO Retrieve message.
RAD55RAD55-002The Imaging Document Consumer generates the HTTP Request-URI to retrieve a DICOM instance.
RAD55RAD55-003The Imaging Document Consumer can map the Retrieve AE Title of the SOP Instance to the web server host information based on its local configuration
RAD55RAD55-004The DICOM instance shall be specified with its Study Instance UID, Series Instance UID, and SOP Instance UID in the HTTP Request-URI. They are specified with required HTTP request parameters studyUID, seriesUID, and objectUID.
RAD55RAD55-005The Imaging Document Consumer shall support the following fields in the HTTP request HTTP Field: Accept Values: At least one of the following values: application/dicom image/jpeg application/text application/html * Other values may be included as well
RAD55RAD55-006Shall use WADO HTTP parameter contentType to request the desired media type of the object to be retrieved in the HTTP response
RAD55RAD55-007Shall use HTTP request parameter 'requestType' with value 'WADO'
RAD55RAD55-008Shall use HTTP request parameter 'contentType' to select MIME type of the response. Must be compatible to the value(s) in the Accept field of the HTTP Request-URI.
RAD55RAD55-009optional parameter, name: charset description: Charset of the response
RAD55RAD55-010optional parameter, name: anonymize description: Anonymize object
RAD55RAD55-011optional parameter, name: annotation description: Annotation of the object
RAD55RAD55-012optional parameter, name: rows description: Number of pixel rows
RAD55RAD55-013optional parameter, name: columns description: Number of pixel columns
RAD55RAD55-014optional parameter, name: region description: Region of image
RAD55RAD55-015optional parameter, name: windowCenter description: Window center of the image
RAD55RAD55-016optional parameter, name: windowWidth description: Window width of the image
RAD55RAD55-017optional parameter, name: frameNumber description: Frame number of the single frame in a multi-frame image
RAD55RAD55-018optional parameter, name: imageQuality description: Image quality factor
RAD55RAD55-019optional parameter, name: presentationUID description: Unique identifier of the presentation object
RAD55RAD55-020optional parameter, name: presentationSeriesUID description: Unique identifier of the series containing the presentation object