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Scope for the EPD Swiss CH:PIXm profile

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CH-PIXmCH-PIXm-001The PIX Consumer SHALL provide 1 or 2 Assigning Authorities for the Patient Identity Domains restricted to the assigning authority of the community and/or the EPR-SPID.
CH-PIXmCH-PIXm-002The PIX Manager SHALL return at most 2 identifiers, with their assigning authorities (as specified in ITI TF - 2x: Appendix E.3).
CH-PIXmCH-PIXm-003In the message response, the PIX Manager SHALL return at most 1 (one) Patient Ressource.
CH-PIXmCH-PIXm-004The patient data SHALL be conform to the CH:PIXm Patient profile with the canonical url
CH-PIXmCH-PIXm-005If the patient is already registered in a community, the MPI-PID SHALL be provided as an identifier.
CH-PIXmCH-PIXm-006If the patient is already registered in a community, the EPR-SPID MAY be added as an identifier in the Request.
CH-PIXmCH-PIXm-007The birthname can be added to the Request with the ISO 21090 qualifier extension.
CH-PIXmCH-PIXm-008The religion SHALL NOT be added to the request.
CH-PIXmCH-PIXm-009If the MPI-PID is provided as an identifier, the PIX Manager SHALL use the MPI-PID to correlate the patient in the community.
CH-PIXmCH-PIXm-010For the CH:PIXm Mobile Patient Identity Feed [ITI-93], TLS SHALL be used.
CH-PIXmCH-PIXm-011The CH:PIXm Mobile Patient Identity Feed [ITI-93] request MUST authorize using the Incorporate Access Token [ITI-72] transaction of the IUA profile.
ITI83ITI83-002In an ITI-83 query, the PIX Consumer SHALL provide exactly one instance of the sourceIdentifier.
ITI83ITI83-004The Patient Identifier Cross-reference Manager SHALL use the sourceIdentifier and the targetSystem(s) parameters to determine the Patient Identities that match.
ITI83ITI83-005In the query message, the PIX Consumer SHALL send 1 and only 1 identifier in the sourceIdentifier parameter.
ITI83ITI83-007In the query message, the PIX Consumer SHALL send 0..1 _format parameter. This parameter defines the requested format of the response, from the mime-type value set.
PIXmPIXm-001All the actors involved in the Patient Identity Cross-Referencing for mobile (PIXm) integration profile shall be grouped with the Time Client Actor.See ITI-TF Vol1 v17.0, page 316, Section 37.5
PIXmPIXm-002Patient Identifier Cross-Reference Consumer actor which claims support of the Patient Identity Cross-Referencing mobile (PIXm) integration profile shall perform the PIXm Query [ITI-83] transaction.
PIXmPIXm-003The patient identifier SHALL be represented as a root and an extension, where the root is an appropriately assigned OID.See ITI-TF Vol1 v17.0, page 246, Section 23.5