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ATNAThis scope gathers the assertions which apply in the context of the Audit Trail and Node Authentication (ATNA) integration profile90025 (27%)65 (73%)
CAS-2.2016This scope gathers the assertion including in the 2016 cycle for Conformity Assessment Testing4020245 (60%)157 (40%)
CAS-2.2017Profiles in CAS-2.2017 cycle2042670 (39%)108 (61%)
CAS-2015Conformity Assessment Scheme 20153590155 (43%)204 (57%)
CASc-XDS.b-V3Assertions covered by CASc from the standard XDS.b (only metadatas and message descriptions are covered in this scope)29100 (0%)291 (100%)
CH-ATNAScope for the EPD Swiss CH:ATNA profile93127 (29%)65 (71%)
CH-CTScope for the EPD Swiss CH:CT profile1803 (16%)15 (84%)
CH-EPDExtentions to IHE profiles relative to Swiss EPD62822412 (67%)194 (33%)
CH-HPDScope for the EPD Swiss CH:HPD profile1490147 (98%)2 (2%)
CH-PDQScope for the EPD Swiss CH:PDQ profile38012 (31%)26 (69%)
CH-PIXmScope for the EPD Swiss CH:PIXm profile71962 (100%)0 (0%)
CH-PIXv3Scope for the EPD Swiss CH:PIX profile63044 (69%)19 (31%)
CH-XCA67043 (64%)24 (36%)
CH-XCPDScope for the EPD Swiss CH:XCPD profile113083 (73%)30 (27%)
CH-XDSScope for the EPD Swiss CH:XDS profile155186 (55%)68 (45%)
CH-XUAScope for the EPD Swiss CH:XUA profile1542196 (72%)37 (28%)
CH:IUAScope for the EPD Swiss CH:IUA profile20320 (0%)201 (100%)
CH:MHDScope for the EPD Swiss CH:MHD profile19120 (0%)189 (100%)
CH:RESTfulATNAScope for the EPD Swiss Add RESTful ATNA641137 (69%)16 (31%)
CTThis scope gathers the assertions which apply in the context of the Consistent Time (CT) integration profile1803 (16%)15 (84%)