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ITI40ITI40-030Testable 0 3 Note: A subject-role code set will need to be defined as part of the testing environment for XUAX-Service User shall encode the relevant user subject roles from a locally defined Code-Set into a subject role element(s).148Section 10:00:02 AM by aeschlimann
ITI40ITI40-031Testable 7 3 X-Service User shall encode subject role <Attribute> element to have the the Name attribute set to “urn:oasis:names:tc:xacml:2.0:subject:role”. The value of the <AttributeValue> element is a child element, “Role”, in the namespace “urn:hl7-org:v3”, whose content is defined by the “CE” (coded element) data type from the HL7 version 3 specification. 148Section 4:37:58 PM by mtoudic
ITI40ITI40-059reviewedTestable 0 3 The SAML assertion sent by the X-Service User implementing the Subject-Role option shall encore the relevant user subject roles into a subject role <Attribute> element.148Section 10:26:51 AM by NicolasBailliet
XUAXUA-006reviewedTestable 2 2 X-Service User that supports the Subject-Role option shall support the transaction requirements in ITI TF-2b: 13.5.19/10/19 10:58:36 AM by aeschlimann