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XDSIXDSI-001reviewedNot testable 0 1 The XDS-I.b specification does not repeat requirements and text for the XDS-defined Actors Document Repository, Document Registry, and Document Consumer, and does not place any new requirements on these actors.191Section 188/21/19 4:36:16 PM by aeschlimann
XDSIXDSI-004reviewedNot testable 0 5 XDS and XDS-I.b do not address transactions for the management or configuration of an XDS Affinity Domain. For example, the configuration of network addresses or the definition of what type of clinical information is to be shared is specifically left up to the policies established by the XDS Affinity Domain.191Section 188/21/19 4:36:35 PM by aeschlimann
XDSIXDSI-005reviewedNot testable 0 5 XDS and XDS-I.b do not specifically address the patient information reconciliation process necessary between the XDS Affinity Domain and any other local patient identity domains that Document Sources and Document Consumers may be members of. For a discussion of some of these issues see RAD TF-1: Appendix G.192Section 188/21/19 4:37:10 PM by aeschlimann
XDSIXDSI-006reviewedNot testable 0 5 XDS and XDS-I.b do not directly address the rendering and display of the documents retrieved by the Document and Imaging Document Consumers. Users wishing to achieve a well-defined level of display/ rendering capability simply need to request systems that combine the XDS-I.b Imaging Document Consumer Actor with an Image Display Actor from the appropriate Profile (e.g., Mammography Image, NM Image, Basic Image Review, etc.).191Section 188/21/19 4:37:29 PM by aeschlimann
XDSIXDSI-018reviewedTestable 0 5 Read Appendix G for Patient Information Reconciliation considerations. Appendix G contains suggestions but no requirements.206Section 18.55/10/19 9:07:44 AM by wbars
XDSIXDSI-019reviewedTestable 4 5 All XDS-I.b actors shall be grouped with either a Secure Node or Secure Application Actor from the ATNA Profile.207Section 18.68/21/19 5:04:17 PM by aeschlimann
XDSIXDSI-020reviewedTestable 1 5 All XDS-I.b actors ... shall ... support the Radiology Audit Trail Option207Section 18.65/10/19 10:22:56 AM by wbars
XDSIXDSI-021reviewedNot testable 0 5 Read Appendix H for other security considerations. Appendix H contains suggestions but no requirements207Section 18.68/21/19 4:41:09 PM by aeschlimann