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LAB27LAB27-001validatedTestable 0 5 After the Analyzer working in query mode recognizes one or more specimens, the Analyzer sends a WOS Query Message (QBP^Q11^QBP_Q11) for each specimen to the Analyzer Manager.168Section 3.Q.53/7/16 2:23:29 PM by mpattillo
LAB27LAB27-008validatedTestable 0 1 An analyzer supporting the "Query by Isolate" Option SHALL be capable of sending a query identifying an isolate within the primary (parent) specimen. The only fields populated in the QPD segment SHALL be QPD-1 and QPD-2, QPD-3, and QPD-9. All four are Mandatory. QPD-3 identifies the isolate and QPD-9 identifies the primary specimen from which the microorganism was isolated. 171Section 3.Q.5.43/7/16 2:23:29 PM by mpattillo
LAB28LAB28-008validatedTestable 0 5 A Negative Query Response for an unrecognized specimen is considered an unexpected situation, the Analyzer SHALL respond with an Application Acknowledgement: Reject in the ORL^O34 by setting MSA-1 to AR and reporting the appropriate specimen container values in the ERR segment.185Section 3.R.5.33/7/16 2:23:29 PM by mpattillo