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CH-XCACH-XCA-001reviewedTestable 3 0 In Stored Queries (transaction ITI-38), the parameter $MetadataLevel, whenever provided, shall equal to 1 (one) (see Section 1.2.1 MetadataLevel).6Figure 1.21/7/22 9:38:47 AM by vhofman
CH-XCACH-XCA-002reviewedTestable 2 0 Agreed to do not cover this assertionWhenever a receiving actor (e.g. a Document Registry) discovers that this requirement ($MetadataLevel) is violated in an incoming request, it shall reject this request and return an error with the code XDSRegistryError (see section1.3) (See Section 1.2.1 MetadataLevel) 6Section 1.27/2/21 9:25:41 AM by aeschlimann
ITI38ITI38-001reviewedTestable 1 1 Initiating Gateway shall specify the homeCommunityId attribute in all Cross-Community Queries which do not contain a patient identifier.125Section 3.38.19/17/19 11:53:27 AM by aeschlimann
ITI38ITI38-003reviewedTestable 1 1 The homeCommunityId attribute is required on the Cross Gateway Query127Section 11:53:41 AM by aeschlimann
ITI38ITI38-004reviewedTestable 1 2 homeCommunityId is structured as an OID limited to 64 characters and specified in URI syntax127Section 11:53:44 AM by aeschlimann
ITI38ITI38-005reviewedTestable 1 1 The Initiating Gateway shall specify the homeCommunityId parameter within all queries which do not include a patient identifier parameter.127Section 11:53:47 AM by aeschlimann
ITI38ITI38-006reviewedTestable 1 1 Each Cross Gateway Query request can have at most one homeCommunityId value.127Section 11:53:51 AM by aeschlimann
ITI38ITI38-007reviewedTestable 1 1 If multiple entryUUID or uniqueID values are specified they must all be associated with the same homeCommunityId value127Section 11:53:58 AM by aeschlimann
ITI38ITI38-008reviewedTestable 2 1 If the patient identifier is unknown by the Responding Gateway’s community, the Responding Gateway shall return either a successful response with no elements or an error with errorCode XDSUnknownPatientId, depending on local policy.128Section 11:54:29 AM by aeschlimann
ITI38ITI38-009reviewedTestable 1 1 FindDocuments Stored Query is required for Responding Gateway128Section 11:54:18 AM by aeschlimann
ITI38ITI38-010reviewedTestable 1 1 GetDocuments Stored Query is required for Responding Gateway128Section 11:54:20 AM by aeschlimann
ITI38ITI38-011reviewedTestable 1 1 The Responding Gateway Actor shall Return an XDSUnknownCommunity error code if the value of homeCommunityId is specified and is not known by the Responding Gateway129Section 11:54:32 AM by aeschlimann
ITI38ITI38-012reviewedTestable 1 1 The Responding Gateway Actor shall verify the homeCommunityId is specified on relevant queries and return an XDSMissingHomeCommunityId error code if missing129Section 11:54:41 AM by aeschlimann
ITI38ITI38-013reviewedTestable 1 1 The Responding Gateway Actor shall pass all parameters into the Registry Stored Query [ITI-18] transaction, when routing to a local XDS Document Registry129Section 11:54:52 AM by aeschlimann
ITI38ITI38-014reviewedTestable 1 1 In the response generated by the Respnding Gateway, If returntype=”LeafClass”, the ExtrinsicObject and RegistryPackage elements shall contain the home attribute129Section 11:54:59 AM by aeschlimann
ITI38ITI38-015reviewedTestable 1 1 In the response generated by the Respnding Gateway, If returnType=”ObjectRef”, the ObjectRef element shall contain the home attribute129Section 11:55:04 AM by aeschlimann
ITI38ITI38-016reviewedTestable 1 1 The Responding Gateway SHALL ensure that every RegistryError element returned in the response shall have the location attribute set to the homeCommunityId of the Responding Gateway129Section 11:55:21 AM by aeschlimann
ITI38ITI38-021reviewedTestable 1 1 If an XDSUnknownPatientId error is returned from a Responding Gateway then the Initiating Gateway shall not include this error in the consolidated results sent to the Document Consumer.129Section 11:52:20 AM by aeschlimann
ITI38ITI38-022reviewedTestable 1 1 The Initiating Gateway shall pass all entities received in the Cross Gateway Query response into the response to the Registry Stored Query [ITI-18].129Section 11:52:27 AM by aeschlimann
ITI38ITI38-023reviewedTestable 1 1 If $XDSDocumentEntryType parameter is specified, and the Responding Gateway (or underlying XDS community) does support it, the proper information SHALL be returned130Section 11:52:38 AM by aeschlimann