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ITI40ITI40-019Testable 7 3 The SAML assertion sent by the X-Service User shall contain an AuthnStatement to specify the AuthnContextClassRef or AuthnContextDeclRef 144Section 4:38:27 PM by mtoudic
ITI40ITI40-044reviewedNot testable 0 3 Note: All assertions for this AIPO are stated as "may" in the TF documentation. The CASC XUA tests will need to document a policy regarding the purpose-of-use codes and write a test to have the Provider enforce the policy.When the Authz-Consent Option is used, the X-Service Provider may utilize the Authz-Consent values in local policy for access control decision making. The values are informative to the X-Service Provider which may choose to ignore the values.151Section 4:55:17 PM by mtoudic
ITI40ITI40-045reviewedNot testable 0 3 This may require the X-Service Provider to lookup the metadata by reference to the values given, and may require the X-Service Provider to retrieve the consent documents.151Section 4:51:37 PM by mtoudic
ITI40ITI40-046reviewedNot testable 0 3 The Authz-Consent value may be used to populate the ATNA Audit Message.151Section 4:52:56 PM by mtoudic
XUAXUA-009reviewedTestable 0 2 X-Service Provider that supports the Authz-Consent option shall support the transaction requirements in ITI TF-2b: 13.5.25/2/19 10:30:43 AM by NicolasBailliet