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ITI31ITI31-008validatedTestable 0 2 A system implementing the Pending Event Managament option shall support the 17 trigger events and messages defined in table 3.31-346Table 3.31-34/4/16 11:48:34 AM by aberge
ITI31ITI31-010validatedTestable 0 2 A system implementing Temporary Patient Transfers Tracking Option shall support the 9 trigger events and messages defined in table 3.31-548Section 3.31-54/4/16 11:48:40 AM by aberge
ITI31ITI31-014validatedTestable 0 2 I don't think we are testing this option in 2016 cycle, might be out of scopeIf the Patient Encounter Supplier supports the Ambulatory Patient Data Option, it SHALL supply: the patient address in field PID-11 for ambulatory patients whenever this address is known the referring doctor in field PV1-8, if known, when registering an outpatient (MSH-9 Message Type is ADT^A04) or when pre-registering a patient (MSH-9 Message Type is ADT^A05) the ambulatory status of the patient into field PV1-15 if this information is known.50Section 11:48:47 AM by aberge