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LAB29LAB29-001validatedTestable 0 1 The Analyzer SHALL notify the Analyzer Manager of the test results using the OUL^R22^OUL_R22 message.191Section 3.Y.5.311/18/16 5:24:28 PM by admin
LAB29LAB29-002validatedTestable 0 1 The Analyzer Manager accepts and registers information, and responds to the Analyzer with the ACK^R22^ACK message. 191Section 3.Y.5.33/7/16 2:45:56 PM by aberge
LAB29LAB29-003validatedTestable 0 1 The Analyzer Manager shall accept unsolicited observations, which are indicated by OBR-2 Placer Order Number populated with a NULL ("") value.191Section 3.Y.5.33/7/16 2:32:53 PM by aberge
LAB29LAB29-004validatedTestable 0 0 The value of ORC-5 across LAB-29 messages shall respect the AWOS status lifecycle.141Figure W.3.7-13/7/16 2:34:16 PM by aberge
LAB29LAB29-005validatedTestable 0 0 When more than one OBX segment is used to send related observations, different codes must be used in OBX-3 for each observation so that OBX-3 and OBX-4 are unique across OBXs.92Section W.2.5.23/7/16 2:23:29 PM by mpattillo
LAB29LAB29-006validatedTestable 0 0 The value of OBX-11 field across LAB-29 messages shall respect the Observation Result Status lifecycle for an Observation Run.135Figure W.3.6-13/7/16 2:23:29 PM by mpattillo