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XDSSDVALXDSSDVAL-001deprecatedTestable 0 0 Plaintext as well as PDF/A documents shall be base-64 encoded before wrapped in a HL7 CDA R2 header.132Section 10:32:10 AM by vhofman
XDSSDVALXDSSDVAL-002deprecatedTestable 0 0 The PDF/A documents shall conform to PDF/A-1b.132Section 10:32:12 AM by vhofman
XDSSDVALXDSSDVAL-003deprecatedTestable 0 0 The XDSDocumentEntry.formatCode shall be urn:ihe:iti:xds-sd:pdf:2008 when the document is scanned pdf133Section 10:32:13 AM by vhofman
XDSSDVALXDSSDVAL-004deprecatedTestable 0 0 The XDSDocumentEntry.formatCode shall be urn:ihe:iti:xds-sd:text:2008 when the document is scanned text.133Section 10:32:15 AM by vhofman
XDSSDVALXDSSDVAL-005deprecatedTestable 0 0 The XDSDocumentEntry.formatCode codeSystem shall be 10:32:17 AM by vhofman
XDSSDVALXDSSDVAL-006deprecatedTestable 0 0 The XDSDocumentEntry.uniqueId value shall be equal to the ClinicalDocument/id in the HL7 CDA R2 header.133Section 10:32:19 AM by vhofman
XDSSDVALXDSSDVAL-007deprecatedTestable 0 0 The root attribute of the XDSDocumentEntry.uniqueId shall be present.133Section 10:32:21 AM by vhofman
XDSSDVALXDSSDVAL-008deprecatedTestable 0 0 In accordance with the XDS Profile, total length of the XDSDocumentEntry.uniqueId field is limited to 256 characters. 133Section 10:32:23 AM by vhofman
XDSSDVALXDSSDVAL-009deprecatedTestable 0 0 The ClinicalDocument/typeId element shall be present.134Section 5.2.311/7/23 10:32:24 AM by vhofman
XDSSDVALXDSSDVAL-010deprecatedTestable 0 0 The ClinicalDocument/templateId element shall be present.135Section 10:32:26 AM by vhofman
XDSSDVALXDSSDVAL-011deprecatedTestable 0 0 The root attribute of the ClinicalDocument/templateId element shall contain the oid,, to indicate this document is an XDS-SD document.135Section 10:32:28 AM by vhofman
XDSSDVALXDSSDVAL-012deprecatedTestable 0 0 The ClinicalDocument/id element shall be present. 135Section 10:32:33 AM by vhofman
XDSSDVALXDSSDVAL-013deprecatedTestable 0 0 The root attribute of the ClinicalDocument/id element shall contain the oid for the document, in which case the extension attribute shall be empty, or an oid that scopes the set of possible unique values for the extension attribute, in which case the extension shall be populated with a globally unique identifier within the scope of the root oid135Section 10:32:35 AM by vhofman
XDSSDVALXDSSDVAL-014deprecatedTestable 0 0 The ClinicalDocument/code element shall be present.134Section 5.2.311/7/23 10:32:36 AM by vhofman
XDSSDVALXDSSDVAL-015deprecatedTestable 0 0 Attributes code@code and code@codeSystem of the ClinicalDocument/code element shall be present. 135Section 10:32:46 AM by vhofman
XDSSDVALXDSSDVAL-016deprecatedTestable 0 0 The ClinicalDocument/title shall be present if known.135Section 10:32:47 AM by vhofman
XDSSDVALXDSSDVAL-017deprecatedTestable 0 0 At a minimum, the time expressed in ClinicalDocument/effectiveTime shall be precise to the day.135Section 10:32:48 AM by vhofman
XDSSDVALXDSSDVAL-018deprecatedTestable 0 0 The ClinicalDocument/effectiveTime element shall be present and denote the time at which the original content was scanned.134Section 10:37:16 AM by vhofman
XDSSDVALXDSSDVAL-019deprecatedTestable 0 0 The ClinicalDocument/effectiveTime shall include the time zone offset from GMT.135Section 10:37:18 AM by vhofman
XDSSDVALXDSSDVAL-020deprecatedTestable 0 0 The ClinicalDocument/confidentialityCode element shall be present and assigned by the operator in accordance with the scanning facility policy.135Section 10:37:19 AM by vhofman