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ITI-APPENDIX0-62reviewedTestable 12 0 The data type of id SHALL be II71Table O.1.3-25/23/23 9:32:38 AM by testAuto
ITI-APPENDIXE-2reviewedTestable 1 0 root SHALL be present and formatted as an ISO OID, and extension SHALL NOT have a value82Table O.2.3-39/13/17 1:17:13 PM by aberge
ITI-APPENDIXO-103reviewedTestable 1 0 Organization/id/root SHALL be an ISO OID, and Organization/id/extension SHALL NOT have a value71Table O.1.3-29/13/17 1:17:13 PM by aberge
ITI-APPENDIXO-107reviewedTestable 1 0 Exactly one Acknowledgement element SHALL be present71Figure O.1.3-29/13/17 1:17:13 PM by aberge
ITI-APPENDIXO-11Testable 1 0 Valid values for processingCode are D (Debugging), T (testing) and P (production)64Table O.1.1-19/13/17 1:16:08 PM by aberge
ITI-APPENDIXO-129reviewedTestable 1 0 subject/contextConductionInd SHALL be present78Table O.2.2-29/13/17 1:17:13 PM by aberge
ITI-APPENDIXO-130reviewedTestable 1 0 The context conduction Indicator value in this control act wrapper SHALL be 'false'78Table O.2.2-29/13/17 1:17:13 PM by aberge
ITI-APPENDIXO-132reviewedTestable 1 0 PriorRegistration/statusCode SHALL be present78Table O.2.2-29/13/17 1:17:13 PM by aberge
ITI-APPENDIXO-134reviewedTestable 1 0 QueryAck/queryId SHALL be present78Table O.2.2-29/13/17 1:17:13 PM by aberge
ITI-APPENDIXO-135reviewedTestable 1 0 QueryAck/statusCode SHALL be present83Table O.2.2-19/13/17 1:17:13 PM by aberge
ITI-APPENDIXO-136reviewedTestable 1 0 QueryContinuation SHALL have a queryId attribute84Table O.2.4-49/13/17 1:17:13 PM by aberge
ITI-APPENDIXO-137reviewedTestable 1 0 Valid values for QueryContinuation/statusCode are 'waitContinuedQueryResponse' and 'aborted'84Table O.2.4-49/13/17 1:17:13 PM by aberge
ITI-APPENDIXO-138reviewedTestable 1 0 Acknowledgement is a required class. Message SHALL contain exactly one Acknowledgement attribute67Figure O.1.2-19/13/17 1:17:13 PM by aberge
ITI-APPENDIXO-139reviewedTestable 1 0 Message.acceptAckCode is fixed to NE (don't ack an ack)67Section O.1.29/13/17 1:17:13 PM by aberge
ITI-APPENDIXO-14Testable 1 0 processingModeCode element is mandatory and shall be valued with either A (Archive), T (current processing), I (Initial Load), or R (Restore from archive)64Table O.1.1-19/13/17 1:16:08 PM by aberge
ITI-APPENDIXO-140reviewedTestable 1 0 Valid values for Message.processingCode are D (Debugging), T (Testing) and P (Production)68Table O.1.2-19/13/17 1:17:13 PM by aberge
ITI-APPENDIXO-141reviewedTestable 1 0 Valid values for Message.processingModeCode are A (Archive), T (Current processing), I (Initial load) and R (restore from archive)68Table O.1.2-19/13/17 1:17:13 PM by aberge
ITI-APPENDIXO-146reviewedTestable 1 0 The assigned entity SHALL be either an organization or a device75Table O.2.1-19/13/17 1:17:13 PM by aberge
ITI-APPENDIXO-147reviewedTestable 1 0 Prior registration SHALL have a statusCode attribute75Table O.2.1-19/13/17 1:17:13 PM by aberge
ITI-APPENDIXO-149reviewedTestable 1 0 Sender/typeCode SHALL be set to SND67Table O.1.2-19/13/17 1:17:13 PM by aberge