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ITI39ITI39-002reviewedTestable 0 1 Responding Gateways shall support the Asynchronous Web Services Exchange Option on the Cross Gateway Retrieve.134Section 3.39.15/3/19 8:39:49 AM by NicolasBailliet
ITI39ITI39-006reviewedTestable 0 1 Initiating Gateways which support the On-Demand Documents Option shall be capable of retrieving an On-Demand Document Entry135Section 8:58:05 AM by NicolasBailliet
ITI39ITI39-008reviewedTestable 0 1 Responding Gateways which support the Persistence of Retrieved Documents Option shall specify the NewRepositoryUniqueId element indicating the document is available for later retrieval and be able to return exactly the same document in all future retrieve requests for the document identified by NewDocumentUniqueId139Section 8:59:18 AM by NicolasBailliet
ITI39ITI39-010reviewedTestable 0 1 If more than one system is contacted the Responding Gateway shall consolidate the results from the multiple systems into one response to the Initiating Gateway136Section 9:01:55 AM by NicolasBailliet
ITI39ITI39-011reviewedTestable 0 2 If both successes and failures are received the Responding Gateway may choose to use PartialSuccess status to reflect both failure and success. The Responding Gateway may alternatively choose to suppress the failures and report only successes.136Section 9:09:52 AM by NicolasBailliet
ITI39ITI39-014reviewedTestable 0 2 If both successes and failures are received from Responding Gateways, the Initiating Gateway shall return both DocumentResponse and RegistryErrorList elements in one response and specify PartialSuccess status.136Section 9:09:25 AM by NicolasBailliet