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eCH0214eCH0214-003reviewedNot testable 0 4 The identifier of the subquery is reiterated in the response so that the response unit can be associated with the correct subquery.6Section 2.19/5/19 4:54:06 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0214eCH0214-004reviewedNot testable 0 2 A response unit is an element of the list in the response.6Section 2.19/5/19 4:54:18 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0214eCH0214-007reviewedNot testable 0 3 A positive response unit contains either a person or, in the case of a search of a person in the UPI who gives no relevant unambiguous result, a list of candidates.6Section 2.19/5/19 5:36:36 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0214eCH0214-008reviewedNot testable 0 3 The error messages in the response depend of the request level: global errors for the complete request, or errors at the subquery level are purely related to the given subquery and have no impact on the others subqueries.7Section 2.29/5/19 5:36:43 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0214eCH0214-012reviewedNot testable 0 3 In the case where the request is correct on the bottom as on the form and that it could thus be treated, a positive response (positiveResponse) is generated.15Section 3.49/5/19 5:36:49 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0214eCH0214-013reviewedNot testable 0 3 A positive response must contain only active NAVS and SPID (unless it is an identical repetition of an element of the request).15Section 3.49/5/19 5:36:55 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0214eCH0214-014reviewedNot testable 0 3 In the case of an error in the request, a global error announcement (negativeReport) is returned.15Section 3.49/5/19 5:37:01 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0214eCH0214-015reviewedNot testable 0 3 The element positiveResponse of a positive response may contain those elements: SPIDCategory, globalNotice, getInfoPersonResponse, searchPersonResponse, compareDataResponse.16Section 3.4.19/5/19 5:37:08 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0214eCH0214-016reviewedNot testable 0 3 In the case where the sub-query is correct on the bottom as on the form and that it could thus be treated, a positive response unit is generated. Otherwise, an error message is returned at the sub-query level (negativReportOnGetInfoPerson).17Section 5:37:18 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0214eCH0214-017reviewedNot testable 0 3 The following blocks are delivered in a positive response unit: echoPidRequest, notice, pids, personFromUPI.17Section 5:37:25 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0214eCH0214-018reviewedNot testable 0 3 The negativReportOnGetInfoPerson element of type eCH-0213-commons: negativeReportType appears as soon as the subquery has an error, the impact of which is limited to the subquery only (for example when the NAVS check digit in the subquery -request is not correct).18Section 5:37:31 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0214eCH0214-019reviewedNot testable 0 3 When an error, which concerns the whole advertisement (for example when a test announcement was sent in a productive environment), was found in the request, the response contains a global error message of the type eCH-0213-commons : negativeReportType.22Section 3.4.29/5/19 5:37:39 PM by aeschlimann
eCH0214eCH0214-020to be reviewedTestable 0 3 English name of the search algorithm (or its abbreviation in English) should be used9Section 3.1.13/8/19 3:16:02 PM by psantos
eCH0214eCH0214-021to be reviewedTestable 0 2 Standards algorithm of a given implementation should be requested using the value "default"9Section 3.1.13/8/19 3:16:09 PM by psantos
eCH0214eCH0214-022to be reviewedTestable 0 3 Accepted values for element detailLevelOfResponseType are : standard, onlyId, onlyVn, onlySpid, onlyDemographics, spidDemographics or vnDemographics10Section 3.1.33/8/19 3:15:53 PM by psantos
eCH0214eCH0214-023to be reviewedTestable 0 3 The noticeType element SHALL contain the following elements: code11Section 3.2.13/8/19 3:15:55 PM by psantos
eCH0214eCH0214-027to be reviewedTestable 0 3 The compareDataRequest element SHALL contain the following elements: compareDataRequest and pids14Section 3.3.33/8/19 3:14:53 PM by psantos
eCH0214eCH0214-028Testable 0 3 The sub element pids of compareDataRequest SHALL contain on vn (eCH-0044:vnType) AND one SPID (eCH-0213-commons:SPIDType) 14Section 3.3.33/8/19 3:15:01 PM by psantos